Archimedes fILLS spaces With IDeas

We love spatial communication

We develop exhibitions, brand spaces, installations, exhibits, and apps. Our process includes, amongst other things, scenography and storytelling, target group analysis, designing everything from entire spaces to intricate details, films, interactions, and software. We make complex scientific, social, and political topics accessible for the general public: We render the invisible visible.

What makes us special? We unite every step of the process under one single roof, from drafting the first concept to building the actual exhibits. This means we can be very flexible when it comes to our clients’ wishes. Thanks to our technological know-how we can realize nearly every creative idea – if necessary, we just create a prototype in our in-house workshop.

Research and innovation

With 20 years experience under our belt, we are now one of the leading agencies in our field within Europe. To stay ahead, we strive for constant development, for example by actively engaging in science and research through our own research projects, teaching positions, and co-operations with academic institutions.

We are proud of collaborations with our often long-time clients, including companies as well as cultural, political, and research institutions. We are open for any dialogue. Still, we draw the line at certain subject matters, for example hostility to democracy, weapons, and nuclear energy.

our skills

From first idea to workshop approval, everything goes through our hands.


We inspire

Consulting & Conception

Your story, your aims, your space are the starting point of our consultation. Together with you, we develop the right forms of action, participation and dialogue for your target group and combine your stories and messages to form narrative experiences. With renderings, layouts and storyboards we make every phase tangible for you.

We think in spaces


Our design concept combines materials, media and objects to form an impressive whole. We rely on our interdisciplinary team: product designers work closely with scenographers and architects, art directors with craftsmen and electronics engineers, interface designers with copywriters and museologists.

We build in our own workshop


The fact that we produce ourselves allows for conceptual freedom and is the basis for individual solutions. From the first model, mock-ups and prototypes to the final acceptance, everything is manufactured and tested by us in our own workshop. This guarantees functionality and reliability – both in appearance and haptics.

We make the complex comprehensible


We convey complex topics in an understandable way and transform them into lasting experiences. The sensitive handling of scientific content, images and objects is just as much a part of this as the innovative approach to communication and presentation. To this end, we actively participate in the dialogue between research, politics, and society.

We stage your brand

Brand Spaces

We translate your corporate goals, values and strengths into extraordinary and emotionally appealing spatial experiences. Our brand spaces create lasting impressions, exciting encounters and new identification options for your clients, business partners, employees, and the public.

We work with system and logic


Our developers, programmers and electronics engineers create multimedia high-tech experiences. We develop hardware and software ourselves and rely on non-proprietary industrial and programming standards. Our power management system controls the hardware of your exhibition, our content management system organises the content of all digital media.

Our team

Enthusiastic, creative, and fun. Family-friendly atmosphere included.


Janine Albrecht Office Management
Hanna Bargheer Junior Project Manager
Gabriela Behrens Architect
Gunnar Behrens Managing Partner
Julia Ellrich Art Director
Marco Fagiolini Systems Designer
Michael Feser Partner | Media Designer
Anke Fichtner Accounting
Johanna Griebert Junior Project Manager
Simon Gleisner CNC Machinist
Nils Gründl Senior Software Developer
Constanze Heinz (on maternity leave) Project Manager
Silke Jahn-Behr Accounting
Katharina Loderstädt Creative Director
Marco Merkel Production Manager
Maneki-neko Agency Dog
Janek Modzelewski Head of Product Design
Käthe Müller Graphic Design
Harri Neumann Partner | UI Designer
Judith Noack (on maternity leave) Conceptual Designer
Carla Noelle Martini Student Assistant Design
Christina Rühlmann Director Communications & Storytelling
Gerold Saathoff Senior Developer Systems Design
Sibylle Schmidtsiefen Competitions & Tender
Jörg Schmidtsiefen Partner
Thomas Schott Senior Software Developer
Philipp Schubach Media Design
Rene Schuchardt Construction Manager
Stephan Spenling Managing Partner
Enrico Steinfeld System Designer & Software Developer
Henrik Thoms Head of Software Development
Josephine Voigt Student Assistant Project Management
Bertfried Wetzel Workshop Manager / Construction Manager
Yulia Yanenko Exhibition Design

where we work

Interested in taking a look behind the scenes of a creative agency? We would be happy to give you an insight into our work and a unique location during a guided tour through our workshop, studios and yard.


Our offices and workshops are situated in the bustling neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, within an area called Alte Königsstadt (Old Kings’ Town). Our building complex has witnessed a long and turbulent history: In the middle of the 19th century, Bavarian style beer was brewed on site, in 1925, part of the brewery was turned into a Ufa premiere cinema. After housing bomb shelters during World War II, the space was used as a parking garage by the municipal authorities until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Today, nearly 50 shareholders have joined together in this location to form a cooperative and generate and profit from synergies. We have been part of the Genossenschaft Gewerbehof Saarbrücker Straße eG since 2005. Most of the members have a background in the arts or the media.

We value the cooperation and are also invested in the ecological, economical, social, and conservational aspects of the setup. We guarantee low rents in the booming city of Berlin and want to play an active part in creating something new. This is where we find space for our research, our experiments and our creative freedom. To begin with, we designed, built, and equipped our facilities ourselves.