About us

Archimedes fills spaces with ideas: exhibitions, apps, and exhibits
for tomorrow’s world of knowledge
Archimedes fills spaces with ideas: exhibitions, apps, and exhibits
for tomorrow’s world of knowledge

We are a Berlin-based creative agency

We develop exhibitions, brand spaces, installations, exhibits, and apps. Our process includes, amongst other things, scenography and storytelling, target group analysis, designing everything from entire spaces to intricate details, films, interactions, and software. We make complex scientific, social, and political topics accessible for the general public: We render the invisible visible.

What makes us special? We unite every step of the process under one single roof, from drafting the first concept to building the actual exhibits. This means we can be very flexible when it comes to our clients’ wishes. Thanks to our technological know-how we can realize nearly every creative idea – if necessary, we just create a prototype in our in-house workshop.

More than 20 years of experience

With 20 years experience under our belt, we are now one of the leading agencies in our field within Europe. To stay ahead, we strive for constant development, for example by actively engaging in science and research through our own research projects, teaching positions, and co-operations with academic institutions.

We are proud of collaborations with our often long-time clients, including companies as well as cultural, political, and research institutions. We are open for any dialogue. Still, we draw the line at certain subject matters, for example hostility to democracy, weapons, and nuclear energy.

Our skills

From first idea to workshop approval, everything goes through our hands

We inspire

Consulting & Concept

Your story, your message, your building, your resources, your aims are always the starting point of our consultation. Step by step and together with you we broaden your communication with the right forms of action, participation and dialogue. Our projects invite thinking, joining in, returning and change. The concept merges knowledge, curiosity, joy and findings into new ideas. We question expectations and premises, link ideas and facts with narratives, and ensure the target group is spoken to suitably. Renderings, layouts, and storyboards visualise your project. Audience, message, and framework conditions are the key points on this path. Afterwards everything can be conceived and implemented.

We think in spaces


Design gives concept and communication the right form. And that is real teamwork, as in designing we combine all aspects of an exhibition or an installation into a harmonious whole. In our company product designers work closely with scenographers and architects, the art direction with the production, the interface designers with the text and research teams. We develop specific approaches for different spaces, materials, media and exhibition objects and connect these with an overlying design idea.

We build in our own workshops


Production has a decisive influence on functionality, reliability, and the perfect visual and haptic performance of your product. Therefore from the first model to final function tests every step is carried out in our own workshops. Precision engineers and cabinet makers develop prototype exhibits or installations together with product designers, editors, and scenographers. Each exhibit and exhibition element is constructed and tested in our workshops. This way we achieve conceptual freedom and create the basis for unique solutions.

We make the complex comprehensible


We stage complex contents. For science centres, research organisations, technology companies, political and cultural institutions. To do so we actively participate in the dialogue between science, research, politics, and society. And bring science to the people. Engineers and scientists know the pleasure of discovery, exploration, and development. We transform this enthusiasm into experiences and emotions for the public. To do so we look at your themes, compile facts and associations, and make these relate to the audience. We handle scientific contents, images and objects sensitively and use innovative approaches in communication and presentation. Whether mathematics or climate change, neuroscience or biodiversity, democracy or demographic change, our exhibitions introduce science to the global dialogue with decision-makers and the public.

We stage your brand

Brand Spaces

We translate your company‘s objectives and statements into unique and emotionally attractive spatial experiences. We assist you in communicating your values and strengths personally and in an up-to-date manner and leave your target group with exciting encounters and lasting impressions of your product. Our brand spaces are high quality communication spaces for technology companies, international corporations, and research organizations. With our brand worlds, whether trade exhibitions, events or at your company headquarters, we create the atmosphere and opportunity in which dialogue with customers, business partners and stakeholders works from the start. We create authentic situations, open up perspectives for your communication and create new identification possibilities with your company.

We work with system and logic


We are digital natives and proud of our team of developers, programmers and electronic technicians. We develop hard- and software ourselves in order to guarantee our high quality for every project. Our technicians and creative staff apply non-proprietary industrial and technical programming standards in the development of hardware, apps, media, and exhibition management systems. Our power management system controls the hardware of an exhibition, our content management system organises the content of all electronic media. This way high-tech experiences are created through multimedia applications for a successful interaction with your visitors and customers.

Our team

Enthusiastic, creative, and fun. Family-friendly atmosphere included.

Janine Albrecht

Office Management

Tom Baffi

Product Designer

Monika Bansal

Systems Designer

Gabriela Behrens


Gunnar Behrens

Managing Partner

Andres Delgado

Product Designer

Julia Ellrich

Art Director

Marco Fagiolini

Systems Designer

Michael Feser

Partner | Media Designer

Uli Feuersänger

Product Designer

Grit Geppert

Office Management

Johanna Griebert

Project Management Assistant

Simon Gleisner

CNC Machinist

Mikael Gräslund


Nils Gründl

Senior Software Developer


Constanze Heinz

Project Manager

Kai Heller

Communications Assistant

Matthes Hoppmann


Silke Jahn-Behr


Vivian Kulkowski

Interaction Design Assistant

Katharina Loderstädt

Interaction Design

Daniel Ludwig

CNC Machinist


Agency Dog

Marco Merkel

Production Manager

Janek Modzelewski

Head of Product Design

Harri Neumann

Partner | UI Designer

Dennis Radtke

Senior Software Developer

Johanna Rauer

Junior Project Manager

Werner Rien

Managing Partner

Christina Rühlmann

Head of Communications

Gerold Saathoff

Senior Developer Systems Design

Jörg Schmidtsiefen

Managing Partner

Sibylle Schmidtsiefen

Competitions & Tender

Thomas Schott

Senior Software Developer

Philipp Schubach

Media Design

Rene Schuchardt

Construction Manager

Stephan Spenling

Managing Partner

Judith Spickermann

Junior PR-Manager

Enrico Steinfeld

System Designer & Software Developer

Henrik Thoms

Head of Software Development

Bertfried Wetzel

Workshop Manager / Construction Manager

Yulia Yanenko

Exhibition Design