Exhibition on the Human Brain Project opened

Our brain and how it works continues to pose endless questions in the world of research. More than 500 scientists of the European Union-funded research project “Human Brain Project” are working closely together on decoding on a transnational level. The touring exhibition “Faszination Gehirn – das Human Brain Project” in the Paul-Löbe-Haus of the German Bundestag, which we developed together with the Research Centre Jülich and the HBP Consortium, now shares the research project closer to members of parliament and interested citizens.  

Fascinating high-resolution images of the brain, videos, animations and models will allow visitors to experience the inside of this highly complex organ and the work of the researchers. Neuroscientists and physicians are working on deciphering the functioning of the brain and the development of diseases. Whereas other members of the team are investigating the extent to which these findings can be used in the fields of artificial intelligence or robotics and how computers can be used in neuroscientific research. The various subject areas of the exhibition are also linked by a so-called “ethics track”, which adds ethical and moral aspects such as data protection, research ethics and technology assessment.

The exhibition can be visited from 28 November to 19 December 2019, and by appointment only. The next stop will be at the Düsseldorf Landtag.

Further information: https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/ausstellungen/parl_hist/faszination-gehirn-662962

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