AI, what's up?

New touring exhibition on Artificial Intelligence

Ausstellung "KI, was geht?"
Ausstellung "KI, was geht?"

Our latest traveling exhibition “AI, what’s up?” at Universum Bremen has just opened its doors! From June 28, 2024 to April 22, 2025, you can explore the fascinating world of AI on 550 square meters. 

More than 50 interactive stations invite you to join in – such as self-driving cars, virtual assistants, our robot Felix or the four-in-a-row game that we developed, where you can compete against an artificial intelligence. You can build animals from Lego bricks which AI has to recognize or paint pictures that are used by AI to create pieces of art. And you can experience the extent of Deep Fake for yourself as this is also part of the topic: Discussing the potentials and risks of AI in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges of one of the 21st century’s key technologies.

We were responsible for the entire scenography, design, graphics and software – and we contributed various interactions.

Our design approach for this exhibition is unique – it is approachable, colorful and unlike anything you have seen before on the subject of artificial intelligence! We have developed a concept that, in keeping with the theme, works exclusively with the binary numbers 0 and 1 to structure the space. Besides, we work with upholstered fabric walls to cluster themes. This soft, unusual design element provides an exciting contrast to the high-tech theme of the exhibition.

Visitors can playfully get to know terms such as deep learning and neural networks and discuss ethical issues: Would you like to be friends with an AI? Are robots better teachers? Can AI become too powerful?

Experience how AI is changing our world! More information here.

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