1st place for the world's biggest Science Museum

Guangdong Science Center in Guangzhou

Guangdong Science Center
Guangdong Science Center

Fantastic news: We won 1st place in the tender for the concept of the preliminary design for Guangdong Science Center in the city of Guangzhou! And we will start with our work immediately, because the delivery is scheduled for this year.

With more than 137,000 square meters, the building is considered to be the largest science museum in the world. Isn’t that impressive? Already from the outside, the museum is a special highlight, the architecture is inspired by the shape of two rolling water drops and thus plays with mystery and dynamics. We now have won the design for the museum’s new Basic Science gallery in a complex and worldwide pitch.

Our concept is entitled “Uncovering Science” and is intended to introduce children and adults to mathematics and physics and inspire them at the same time. With the exhibition, visitors are drawn directly into the topic – and also become an interactive and important part of it. The exhibition starts with the basics of mathematics. It then leads through the entire world of physics, arranged chronologically according to complexity and actuality. Together with the curators of the museum, we are currently developing an innovative format for knowledge transfer that can shape new standards for the communication of science in museums for the future.

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