New exhibition in the German Cathedral in Berlin

The “Parliamentary Democracy” keeps growing!

Parlamentarische Demokratie, Volk, Staatsgewalt, Deutscher Dom, Ausstellung, Archimedes Exhibitions
Parlamentarische Demokratie, Volk, Staatsgewalt, Deutscher Dom, Ausstellung, Archimedes Exhibitions

Today, the completely redesigned exhibition “History of Parliamentarianism” in the beautiful German Cathedral in Berlin opened its doors. We are so excited about this, because with this level 1 we have now brought all exhibition levels up to date in this impressive historic building.

At the beginning of the exhibition tour, visitors learn the basics about parliamentarism in Germany and get to know the formative role models of England, France and the United States of America. Building on this, the exhibition shows the ups and downs of German history in the 19th century – from the emerging unity and freedom movement, to the first German parliament in Frankfurt to the bloody failure of unification.

The exhibition repeatedly creates exciting connections between the past and the present – for example in the comparison of our fundamental rights then and now.

In order to offer visitors a holistic exhibition experience on all levels, we have adopted the basic design modules from levels 2 and 3. The leitmotif – the graphic band, which runs through all areas and symbolically picks up on the historical events in form and color, is also used to illustrate the early days of our parliamentary democracy. As a comprehensive exhibition element, it is transformed into large lettering, fills the wall and is sometimes crushed at the end, thus reflecting eventful times.

The eye-catching colors and dynamic shapes draw visitors into the stories and are appealing to young people in particular. Meeting places such as the staging of the interior of the historic Paulskirche offer space for shared experiences and for interactive mediation.

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