OMV opens Innovation and Technology Centre in Gänserndorf


The international oil and gas company OMV has opened its new Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) in Gänserndorf, Austria. In immersive presentations on 1,600 square metres of exhibition space, it stages OMV’s research and innovative technologies in areas like drilling and production technology, smart oil recovery and nanotechnology, for instance. We developed and manufactured unique scenographic elements and exhibits, such as elaborately backlit graphic walls, impressive relief surfaces for projection mapping and imposing cylindrical showcases, some of which were fixed to the ceiling. The exhibits’ and design elements’ construction and installation required a great deal of skill due to the special architecture of the building: the outer walls are turned by 15 degrees, as in a rotating drill string.

In cooperation with Tamschick Media + Space,  the creative lead agency on the project, and Kraftwerk Living Technologies a unique world of experience was created, combining state-of-the-art digital presentation technologies and sophisticated architecture. The ITC is to be accessible to a wide range of target groups in the form of individually tailored tours – from business partners and OMV employees to the general public.

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