We do the preliminary design for the Shandong Science and Technology Museum!

Now it’s official: We get to develop the preliminary design of a large part of the Shandong Science and Technology Museum (SDSTM) in Jinan, China! Our Chinese partner agency Beijing Zhongbang has also on behalf of us signed the contract together with those responsible for the Science Center. The effort for our 1,200-page tender submission with floor plans and zoning, design guidelines for furniture and graphic design as well as countless exhibit renderings was well worth it.

Together with Beijing Zhongbang, we have already successfully completed the master planning for this superlative science centre and hope to usher in a new era with our innovative milestone concept. 56 milestones from the history of science and various scientific disciplines will take visitors on a journey from the creation of the solar system to robotics. The particular thing: All milestones and exhibits are extensively contextualised and narratively interwoven to provide a broad understanding of the historical circumstances of the specific developments and discoveries, their impact on the future and the causal links between them. 

We are all the more pleased now that we can continue to play a decisive role in this special project. And it will certainly be extremely exciting and varied, as detailed designs for over 300 scientific exhibits, scenographic elements and the UX, graphic and screen design must now be developed. And, of course, the content must be created as well. Challenge accepted!

More information about our master plan can be found here.

Our Chinese partners of ZhongBang have also published an article on the Shandong Science and Technology Museum on WeChat: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/dWkyXr6JXjUJzSclr3dpXA

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