See, Feel, Change

The mobile climate exhibition

See, Feel, Change
See, Feel, Change

Our newest exhibition is on tour! The mobile climate exhibition with the title “See, Feel, Change” opened its doors in Vilnius last weekend. In four containers we have designed an immersive and interactive approach to the topic of climate change with its current developments and phenomena.

Departing from Vilnius, it will tour through 20 Baltic cities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, ending in Kaunas in September. The aim of the “Active Youth” project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, is to actively shape public discourse and to enlighten and empower the young generation as decision-makers of tomorrow. The exhibition illustrates the dramatic situation of our planet in a disturbing, shaking way, but at the same time offers solutions and options for action.

The exhibition begins with a global look at the Earth and an overview of the subject, then dives straight into CO2 emissions, deforestation and melting glaciers in the Arctic. In the second container we have put the focus on Europe and show extreme weather events to make reference to the everyday life of the visitors. It becomes immediately clear: Climate change is also taking place on your doorstep! At the ‘heat station’, for example, visitors can put their hand in a heat flap to experience what summers with a temperature of 50 degrees will feel like. The third container addresses the relevance of agriculture and nutrition. During our research, we learned that in the US and Australia, an average of 100 kg of meat is still consumed per capita per year. Long way to go! Finally, the fourth container deals with lifestyle topics – fashion, beauty, but also mobility are examined in more detail. This is about microplastics in human blood or the big environmental polluters jeans and sneakers.

We did a lot of research, found unbelievable facts, but also great innovative solutions. The exhibition leaves the visitor with the knowledge that answers can only be found together. Because we are all responsible for our planet!


More information and tour dates here.

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