The phaeno discovery app

Digital add-on for the analog exhibition

Phaeno Entdecker-App
Phaeno Entdecker-App

We are so happy to announce that the app we developed in close cooperation with our partners from the phaeno Wolfsburg team is up for download now!

The discovery app enables access to the sensors in your smartphone. Some of them we rarely or never use so it offers a really unique and innovative feature. In addition to the familiar sensors such as cameras and microphones, these are brightness sensors, magnetic field sensors, inclination sensors, acceleration sensors and yaw-rate sensors. What is so special is that the app is designed in a way that it can be used not only in the phaeno building, but from anywhere – so I can even take my measurements from home!

As the name suggests, the app also offers discovery tours for the exhibition. This creates an additional level of in-depth knowledge in the context of the exhibition. Visitors thus can work independently with selected exhibits and experiments. As a digital add-on to the analog exhibition, this feature is particularly relevant for school classes from the age of 12 and can not only motivate students, but also offers interactive and contemporary additional learning opportunities, especially in the natural sciences lessons.

All measurements are clearly summarized in the app. Users can add their own text and audio comments to the data, create test reports and export the entire content as a website (independent of the operating system). The tables can then be further edited in Excel.

The phaeno discovery app is available for Android and iOS in the app stores free of charge and free of advertising and can be used anywhere. An internet connection is not required for use.

More information can be found here.

To download the app click here.

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