Immersive kaleidoscope

Artistic perspectives


We designed and built a very aesthetic new exhibit, a kaleidoscope in which visitors can actually step inside.

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument which was already popular at ancient Greek times. The Scottish philosopher and scientist Sir David Brewster rediscovered it in 1816 and applied for a patent shortly thereafter. The name kaleidoscope, translated from Greek, means “seeing beautiful forms”.

Children in particular can get into our kaleidoscope and experience themselves in interaction with shapes and colors in fivefold reflection. With every movement, new patterns and color combinations emerge, an almost endless chain of reflected images. To achieve this, we also work with film projections.

But why are kaleidoscopes so interesting and fascinating, especially for children? Through the polyhedron, they enter a colourful, patterned world of perfectly symmetrical images, which they can influence with their movements. The sequence of the images generated is always different, creating a visually surprising immersive world. A sensual experience and a short break from reality. Our kaleidoscope is an artistic installation that encourages a change of perspective and sheds new light on our everyday lives. It is now on its way to China’s Henan Science and Technology Museum in the city of Zhengzhou, where it will hopefully delight many children and adults alike.