The Climate Museum

Award-winning traveling exhibition on climate change

Frau in der Wanderausstellung zum Klimawandel von Archimedes Exhibitions
Frau in der Wanderausstellung zum Klimawandel von Archimedes Exhibitions

Keep it cool! The traveling exhibition “See, feel, change” for the NGO “Active Youth” not only makes climate change a topic, but a mission for all of us. In four shipping containers, we created an immersive and interactive approach to the topic of climate change and its current developments and phenomena. The aim of the project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, is to actively shape public discourse and to educate and empower the younger generation. The exhibition illustrates the dramatic situation of our planet in a disturbing, shaking way, but at the same time offers solutions and options for action.

Packed with hot facts
The tour through the four containers offers a broad overview – from a global perspective to the situation in Europe and the Baltic countries and finally to our own living environment. It was important for us to always set dramatic effects, future perspectives, and political goals in relation to one’s own lifestyle and to give positive impulses to actively involve the visitors.

Interactive for the climate
What do 50 degrees feel like? What does the food on your plate have to do with the climate? And what are your hottest dates on “Consumption Tinder”? For the exhibition, we created numerous interactive exhibits that playfully show visitors their own scope for action and convey everyday tips for climate protection.

Mission on the road
In 2022, the Climate Museum traveled to 16 cities in Lithuania and encouraged many visitors to rethink. In addition, the exhibition “on the road” won the “Baltic Sustainable Award”. For the 2023 stations in Latvia, we wish the team and visitors lots of fun, thirst for knowledge, and motivation to act. Because only together can we make our planet more livable!

Format: Traveling exhibition | Client: Active Youth Association | Exhibition space: 120sqm indoor exhibition space, 300sqm outdoor space for events and workshops | Opening: 05/2022 | Languages: English, Lithuanian, Latvian | Our services: Concept development, curation, exhibition texts, exhibit development, graphic design, exhibition construction

Interaktives Exponat "Consumption Tinder", das die Klimafolgen von Konsumgütern zeigt
Projekt Highlight

Consumption Tinder

Find your hottest dates

How it works: Swipe through the world of consumption and decide who you want to date! But be careful: Some tempting dates turn out to be real (climate) flops!

Message: In the end, the CO2 balance of your dates appears. In addition, you will receive a lot of tips for climate-friendly consumption!