The 8th dwarf

Inside the world of Grimms' Farytailes


The exhibition about the Grimms’ Farytailes at Grimmwelt Kassel

The special exhibition “The 8th Dwarf” at “Grimmwelt Kassel” offers both surprising and familiar insights into the world of fairytales by the Brothers Grimm. From his own perspective, the 8th dwarf guides visitors through the five exhibition areas. From the moat to Rapunzel’s tower, he invites them to explore fairy tales in a new way: by exploring the castle, illustrating transformations from humans to animals and guiding them through irritating worlds of shadow and light.

Taking into account the approach of Grimm’s fairy tales, a narration full of wonder, magic and unexpected twists was chosen for the exhibition. A multi-faceted interplay of interactive exhibits for all the senses turns our usual perspective upside down. The clear colour coding of the individual areas provides orientation in the room and creates the ambience for the respective theme islands; the visual design uses the mysticism of fairy tales as inspiration for the storytelling and the scenography.

Client: GRIMMWELT Kassel Exhibition Space: 330 m² Opening: November 2016 Duration: 24.11.2016 – 01.05.2017 Languages: German | English

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