Wind, water and sun on the rooftop of the NEMO in Amsterdam

© Digi Daan
© Digi Daan
Exhibition | Science Centre

The outdoor exhibition for the NEMO Science Centre in Amsterdam

On the roof of the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam our outdoor exhibition Energetica is dedicated to the elements wind, water and sun which are made tangible in a playful way through interactive exhibits. The highest point of the city is thus transformed to a social platform that encourages the visitors to get in touch with renewable energies and complex ecological processes.

Drawing on the original concept of the creative agency Northern Light, Archimedes has refined the exhibition design and customised the exhibits according to the weather conditions before assembling them on-site. The hands-on installations enable the visitors to create rainbows, to illuminate high-tech sunloungers with the help of thermochromatic colours, or to fly a kite in the wind park. Thus, the exhibition dynamically reacts to the interplay between visitor and nature: The available energy of wind and sun is directly shown by water fountains with which the visitors can compete by demonstrating their own strength.

Energetica is about power, but also about finesse and awareness for self-sustaining energy supply which will be ever more important in the future. Accordingly, the exhibits are part of nature but high-tech at the same time. The result is a fascinating contrast that changes in the course of the seasons and in dialogue with the audience, constantly recreating new social and natural spaces.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Client: NEMO Science Museum Exhibition Space: 800 m² Opening: April 2016 Languages: Dutch | English

More Information: https://www.nemosciencemuseum.nl/en/activities-at-nemo/exhibitions/energetica/

© DigiDaan
Projekt Highlight

The building of the NEMO Science Museum

A constructional highlight of stararchitect Renzo Piano

Right in the harbour of Amsterdam star architect Renzo Piano created an architectural masterpiece: the NEMO Science Museum. The building in the form of an uprising ship is completely covered in green shimmering copper. On its rooftop, Renzo Piano realized a personal vision for Amsterdam: he wanted to give the city a new meeting place. Since its opening in 1997 visitors and locals are coming together 22 meters above ground, experiencing stunning views over the city – around the clock and free of charge. After more than 20 years Archimedes had the honour to implement another idea of Renzo Piano: with “Energetica” the roof now hosts an open-air exhibition, that is open to the public.