Ocean Worlds

Forces of nature and life in the oceans

Ausstellung über das Meer
Ausstellung über das Meer

The special exhibition “Ocean Worlds” in the German Marine Museum

The site of the exhibition was worth a visit itself: Archimedes portrayed the fascination of the ocean in Stralsund’s historic harbour. “Ocean Worlds”, exhibited in the German Marine Museum between May 2002 and October 2006, combined a sensual experience with entertaining and interactive information – according to the motto, “You only protect what you understand”.

Designed as special exhibition for the German Marine Museum, “Habitat, Cultural History, Phenomena of the Sea” presented itself through a dramatic mix of extremely diverse exhibits. Photographs and classical exhibits from the collection of the Marine Museum were combined with new exhibits and media developed by Archimedes.

A specially designed air-inflated structure was built for “Ocean Worlds” – a completely new concept in this form. The ocean blue ¾ sphere sent a signal to the public which was visible from afar and created a spectacular visual focus. The theme proceeded inside: shimmering blue light flooded the exhibition space and created a mysterious atmosphere.

Client: Deutsches Meeresmuseum, Stralsund Exhibition Space: 500 m² Opening: Mai 2002 Duration: May 2002 – October 2006 

More Information: https://www.meeresmuseum.de