Operation: Human

Experiencing the human body

Exhibition | Science Centre

The interactive exhibition at the Science Centre “Experyment” in Gdynia, Poland

Learning is often associated with sitting still. At the Science Centre “Experyment” in Gdynia, Poland, things are different: moving, pushing, and even shouting is expressly permitted. The exhibition “Operation Human” is not only about the human anatomy and the senses – they are a real part of the exhibition experience.

Therefor, scenography and design create scope for participation. The young target audience is challenged playfully, haptically, motorically and intellectually to experience the processes in the human body. From thought to movement, from sensory impression to action, from genes to “I”. The basic principle is interaction: in interaction with the exhibits and other visitors, surprising insights emerge. The human body and the various processes are explained in a colourful, detailed and playful way. Visitors can embark on a journey of discovery through a huge heart model or find out for themselves why a nail bed can be more comfortable than a stone bed.

The theme of openness is part of the scenographic concept, which is characterised by its special brightness. With their artistic and abstract design, the 29 interactive exhibits allow changes of perspective and positive surprises. On 400 square metres of exhibition space, Archimedes creates the image of an active, urban, and open situation dealing with the human body.

Client: EXPERYMENT Science Center / Centrum Nauki Experyment, Gdynia, Polen Exhibition Space: 400Opening: September 2013 Languages: Polish | English

More Information: https://experyment.gdynia.pl/en