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Exhibitions in the biggest and most modern Central European Science Centre

The biggest and most modern Science Centre in Central Europe is located in the old industrial part of Ostrava. For this venue, Archimedes developed and produced the exhibitions World of Nature and World of Science.

In World of Nature and its eleven different areas, visitors learn to understand the world around them. From the ‘Oasis of Iron’, referencing Ostrava’s history as a heavy metal city, via ‘Fauna’, ‘Tree’, ‘Man’, and ‘Space’, up to ‘Energy’, ‘Light’, and ‘Electricity’: phenomena we regularly encounter in our daily lives are explained via hands-on exhibits and media stations. A 2,000 m² garden invites visitors to contemplate real nature.

The World of Science highlights the structures of the world around us and the technologies we use to explain and experience it in five different areas. In ‘Mathematics’, visitors approach mathematical proofs, systems, and phenomena playfully – and suddenly math becomes a lot less scary. ‘Physics’ shows waves in all their forms and relationships. The area ‘Nano and Micro’ invites visitors on a journey into the smallest dimensions of our environment. ‘Medical Technologies’ gives visitors samples of the ways modern technology prolongs their lives and which tools make our everyday lives easier. The area on ‘New Materials’ takes a look into the future and introduces visitors to technologies like 3D printers or nano materials.

Client: Svět techniky Ostrava Opening: September 2014 Languages: Czech | English | Polish

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Svět techniky Ostrava

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square meters exhibition area
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new life for a blast furnace site