Humania at Nemo Science Museum

Permanent exhibition about the human race

© NEMO Science Museum / DigiDaan
© NEMO Science Museum / DigiDaan
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The exhibition about who we are

In “Humania”, visitors can experience everything about themselves through numerous exhibits and stations and get an answer to the question as to whether we are really as unique as we like to think we are – or whether we are not all the same after all?

The exhibition was designed and realised by us according to the Dutch exhibition architects Kossmann.Dejong’s concept. “Humania” focuses on the human race and thus on the visitors themselves. It is thematically divided into three large areas: “I was”, “I am”, and “I will be”. From these starting points, the visitor can examine human biology, sociology and psychology more closely by means of mental exercises and sporting tests, original objects and personal stories. We created 44 interactive stations for the exhibition with a varied mix of scientific knowledge, infotainment and edutainment. The visitors explore themselves at extraordinary exhibits such as “Anatomical Impossibilities”, a “Cuddling Machine” or a “Tongue Kiss with a Foreigner” Installation, enter into playful interaction with each other and in this way collect data about themselves – some of which lead to surprising insights!

It is about the body, the brain and health in general, but also about our behaviour, sexuality and desires. The visitors can get answers to the small and big questions of life like: How many cells do I consist of? How mobile and strong am I really? What does my name say about me? Am I a social person or not? And what does death mean to me? The exhibition is intended to encourage reflection and active exchange of opinions among the visitors. 

More than sixty scientists and eight students supported the NEMO team in the development of the exhibition. Ten renowned researchers formed the scientific advisory board of “Humania”. Others contributed to the realisation of individual exhibits or explained their scientific findings in explanatory videos. During the exhibition tour, anonymous information is also collected for scientific purposes at some stations, of course only with the participants’ consent. Thanks, in particular, to the young target group, “Humania” can generate valuable data for scientists while at the same time keep visitors up to date with relevant scientific research.

The exhibition is primarily aimed at visitors aged twelve and above.

Client: NEMO Science Museum | Exhibition Space: 700 sqm | Opening: 11/2019 | Languages: Dutch | English | Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 17.30h

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