OMV Innovation & Technology Center

Upstream technologies as a multimedia experience

Brand Space | Exhibition

Exploration and production of oil and gas

OMV is a multinational oil and gas global player, and is one of Austrias’ largest listed industrial companies in Austria. OMV’s Innovation & Technology Center (ITC) was set up at the Gänserndorf site in Austria in cooperation with experts to communicate OMV’s research and technological competence in the upstream sector (exploration and extraction) in media, narrative and emotional terms. In partnership with Tamschick Media + Space, who is the creative project lead agency, and Kraftwerk Living Technologies, we have created an experience exhibition which combines original objects and prototypical exhibits with immersive spatial productions as well as state-of-the-art presentation technologies, for example 360° films, complex animations and augmented reality elements. 

The ITC surprises with its extraordinary shape: reflecting the rotation of a drill string, the outer walls are rotated 15 degrees upwards. It is also penetrated on the inside by a seven-metre-high architectural cylinder as if it were a drill hole. Its rotating light show connects different subject areas, which are presented on a circumferential ramp. The individual stations react to the main show’s light impulse in such a way that the whole exhibition seems to “rotate”.

The exhibits and scenographic elements, which were developed and produced by us, enable  visitors to have an enhanced multi-sensorial experience with OMV Upstream’s technological know-how. Impressive backlit LED graphic walls, elaborate relief surfaces for projection mapping, spectacular cylindrical showcases and media stations present an array of topics – from geology and geophysics to drilling and production technology and nanotechnology. One of the highlights is a virtual drilling expedition which is projected into a cylinder mounted on the ceiling with a diameter of almost four metres.

The remarkable geometric shapes and dimensions of the exhibits, their sensitive surfaces and the bevelled connection points for assembling on the twisted walls and ceilings required individual production processes and utmost care during the installation works. 

OMV’s Innovation & Technology Center is aimed at business associates, employees, universities, educational institutions, and in future the interested public. The exhibition content can be adapted according to the respective target group, and moreover media stations, light and sound productions can also be focused precisely on the visitor group during guided tours.

Client: OMV Upstream  |  Exhibition area: 1,600 m2, 28 interactive exhibits and scenographic elements  |  Opening: 8/2020  |  Languages: German | English

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