MOONCITY for Porsche Holding

Experience Space on E-Mobility

© Christian Houdek
© Christian Houdek
Brand Space | Exhibition

On a mission to the future

MOONCITY is an innovation and competence centre for electric mobility and sustainable energy use by MOON, Porsche Holding’s system provider for e-mobility. The centrepiece is an experience world which we conceived, designed and produced in close cooperation with Leo Fellinger’s team at Porsche Austria. 

In the experience space, we implemented a varied edutainment concept that is intended to empower visitors in terms of changing their own mobility. Multimedia hands-on exhibits, VR, AR and mixed reality applications convey in an entertaining way how smart technologies will change the generation of energy, storage and use in the future, how personal energy needs can be completely provided by sustainable energy, and how electric vehicles and the battery technology work. The gamification character of the tour, whereby power credits, among other things, can be collected through challenges on your own or by competing with another person, awakens the ambition to go into more details. 

We have created an immersive scenography of light and sound installations that lead visitors on their mission into other worlds. The exhibition architecture is characterised by round shapes inspired by the MOON logo, the moon and planetary orbits. The futuristic, clean look picks up elements from the world of science fiction and evokes associations of a space station. The leitmotif “Energy”, both in terms of content and design, guides visitors through the exhibition in the form of fascinating energy flows from LED strips. They run through the scenery, connect exhibits to form a holistic energy network and converge into an impressive light installation, the “Energy Tree”.

The beginning of the mission forms a creative counterpoint: the visitors travel through space to the moon by passing through an immersive light installation simulating the light of an infinite number of stars. On the dark moon, visitors learn that Ferdinand Porsche’s developments, including the first electric car from 1889, laid the foundation for Nasa’s first Moon Rover.

The MOONCITY also includes an outdoor area designed by us: a green oasis open to the public, inviting visitors to have a break under trees and try out current micro mobility offers. 

Client: Porsche Holding | Exhibition area: 480 sqm, 12 interactive exhibits | Outdoor area: 900 sqm | Languages: German | Opening: 12/2019 | Opening hours: Tues – Fri 10.00 – 18.00 | Sat 10.00 – 17.00

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