SHIFT for the Volkswagen Group

Sustainability exhibition

volkswagen self-driving car sedric at sustainability exhibition shift at drive forum berlin
volkswagen self-driving car sedric at sustainability exhibition shift at drive forum berlin
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Mobility in the future

For the Volkswagen Group, Archimedes Exhibitions created the sustainability exhibition Shift shown at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. With our partner agencies Graft Brandlab and Rat für Ruhm und Ehre, we were responsible for the concept, content, and visual design, as well as the entire production of the exhibition.

In the exhibition as well as the corresponding magazine, “Shift”, the Volkswagen Group addressed its responsibility for the environment and society, focussing on scenarios of the future of mobility. Twelve interactive exhibits offered information and thought-provoking impulses, conveying the diverse possibilities of mobility in sensory and interactive ways. With unexpected perspectives, multimedia terminals, audio stations, and unconventional materials, the dynamic concept of the 1,600 m² exhibition created an extraordinary experience for the visitors.

Keeping the theme of the exhibition in mind during the development and production of the exhibits, we put special emphasis on sustainability. We primarily worked with steel and untreated wood, refrained from using plastic foil, and printed the graphics directly onto the materials. These criteria also played a role in spatial planning: we designed a modular exhibition system that could be upcycled after the show. That way the used materials lived on past the end of the exhibition and carried the principles of sustainability out into the world.

For our exhibition “Shift” we won the Silver Award Best of Content Marketing 2018.


Client: Volkswagen Group  |  Exhibition Space: 1,600 m², twelve interactive exhibits  |  Opening: November 2017 Duration: 16.11.2017 – 28.02.2018

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SHIFT - Mobility in the future

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Projekt Highlight

Shift Afterlife

A co-creative project

To show how long the life cycle of an exhibition can last, we have teamed up with design students from BAU International and the children’s aid project “Die Arche”. In a co-creative project, the up-and-coming designers developed designs and up-cycling ideas to turn the exhibition material into new furniture for socially disadvantaged children of the Arche in Berlin-Hellersdorf. The project was led by Professor Jan Regett, a former product designer at Archimedes Exhibitions who helped develop the Shift exhibition from the very first idea. He guided his students through the development process, which included various stages from workshops in the Arche to the public exhibition of up-cycling ideas. Archimedes Exhibitions provided the young designers with their expertise and opened their workshops to their work. The result: air castles and oases of peace, colourful seating furniture and raised beds that are now in the Berlin-Hellersdorf facility and make the everyday life of the girls and boys there a little better. Simple, beautiful and useful.