Exhibition concepts for "Kindercity"

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“Kindercities” are interactive edutainment centres which focus on the STEM sector to offer a playful access to science and technology. The exhibitions are designed as multi-generational experiences for the whole family – from early child- to adulthood. Archimedes developed a comprehensive style guide for several Kindercity exhibitions as well as storyline and design concept for one exhibition on Jules Verne for Kindercity Flims, Switzerland.

Based on the leitmotif “Exploring with fun in age-appropriate environments” Archimedes created a concept for barrier-free and modular exhibitions of highly sustainable quality that appeal to visitors interactively, vividly and multi sensorially. Scenography, dramaturgy as well as graphic and exhibit design take into account the respective physical conditions, knowledge horizons and needs of the various age groups.

The style guide is intended to serve as a guideline for exhibition and graphic designers as well as the Kindercity staff. It acts as a guidance system for the placement of spatial and graphic elements in the exhibition, for the design of exhibits, e.g. with regard to the choice of materials or the lighting concept. To illustrate the concept, a wide range of visualisation techniques were used in the style guide: from floor plans to coloured hand drawings or sketches to 3D renderings.

The exhibition on the theme of Jules Verne transfers the classic Science Center into a literary world. Inspired by the aesthetics of steampunk, an atmospherically condensed world of discovery was created. Rivets, various metals and the narrative embedding in the works of Jules Verne make the phenomena of our world tangible and exciting in an appropriate way for the target group.

In addition to the fundamental physical phenomena of mechanics and optics, the deep sea, volcanism and the conquest of the sky are also part of the exhibition world. In a walk-in model of the Nautilus submarine from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, visitors could become captains themselves. Underwater technology such as the depth sounder can be tried out and visitors can descend in an immersive dive into the fascinating world of the oceans down to the deep sea.

Facts and fictions are blurred in the childlike game. The exhibition uses the atmosphere of an adventure game for an effective transfer of learning content into an atmospheric scenography in which natural curiosity and productive play instinct are aroused.

Client: Kindercity AG | Exhibitions Space Jules Verne: approx. 320 m² | Period: Concept Style guide 2016/17; Concept Jules Verne Exhibition 2018

More information: www.kindercity.ch