A "Mental Gas Station" for Beisheim Foundation

Beisheim Stiftung Messestand Mentale Tankstelle
Beisheim Stiftung Messestand Mentale Tankstelle

The Beisheim Foundation, based in Munich, aims to ensure for everyone to unfold their potential and play an active role in society. To achieve this, the foundation promotes and develops projects in the areas of education, health, culture, and sports.

We now designed a booth for the Beisheim Foundation on the occasion of the Deutscher Stiftungstag 2022 in Leipzig which hopefully might be reused for many other events in the future, too.

Breathe in, breathe out, close your eyes, relax, find yourself, go on a journey. At the booth of the Beisheim Foundation, the “Mental Gas Station”, visitors can take a break and reflect.

Our design approach follows a concept based on the principles of meditation. It’s about immersing yourself in another world and recharging your batteries. The materials we have used appear light and flowing, and we have worked with light and earthy colours. Visitors experience the booth as a unique place that stands out from the surrounding area and offers a special experience. The foundation also provides a meditation trainer to guide through this journey.

The focus of the experience, however, lies on each and every individual, as the goal is to strengthen the “Me Source”, i.e. self-efficacy. Our design is correspondingly minimalist, it does not distract, but sharpens the focus and perception. Working with generative design, we have created floral patterns that continue to evolve certain rules. Similar to the exercises in meditation, we have established a defined process using an algorithm, from which the design of the illustrations is generated.

The exhibition stand thus becomes a place of inspiration and stillness.

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