Jörg Schmidtsiefen speaks at “Raumwelten”

Presentation in Ludwigsburg on scenography and knowledge transfer

From November 22 until 25, the “Raumwelten” in Ludwigsburg offer a platform for discourse about scenography, architecture and media. In an an extensive programme of lectures and workshops, experts discuss the relevant questions of the present and future of spatial communication. This year, the motto especially focusses on the design and order of transformation processes.

The challenges which the digital transformation poses for the spatial design and order of learning is examined in the panel “Wissensräume — Neue Lernwelten” [“Knowledge Spaces – New Learning Worlds]. Our managing director Jörg Schmidtsiefen will also be contributing with a presentation. On November 24, he will be speaking about the origins of chaos. From the designer’s perspective, he will be showing classical as well as innovative ordering principles within the scenography and knowledge transfer. Drawing on the exhibition “Media tell their (hi)stories” and other projects by Archimedes, he also illustrates how the structure of exhibitions changes and eve erodes classical ordering principles of museums.

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