Art and artists of the East Side Gallery

Mauerwinkel East Side Gallery; Berliner Mauer, Stiftung Berliner Mauer
Mauerwinkel East Side Gallery; Berliner Mauer, Stiftung Berliner Mauer

At the famous East Side Gallery, a special program dedicated to the artists and creativity in the context of the history of the Berlin Wall was opened yesterday. For this occasion, we developed and produced exhibition elements, so-called “Wall Angles”, which take up this topic and narrate the stories but also introduce the people who created the East Side Gallery.

The East Side Gallery is world-renowned, and its images continue to fascinate tourists and locals alike. However, little is known about the creation of the art and the artists behind it. The Berlin Wall Foundation now wants to change that with a new, expanded exhibition. On behalf of the foundation and based on a concept from the agency minigram, we produced the new “Wall Angles”.

 These “Wall Angles” create new perspectives on the history of the division of Berlin and art in public space, they reflect their surroundings and mirror the viewer, thus clearly standing out from the East Side Gallery.

At the same time, visitors can experience becoming part of the history of this country. A supporting program on art and creativity curated by the Berlin Wall Foundation encourages children and adults alike to get involved; to rediscover the East Side Gallery, to educate themselves, and to participate in discussions.

The program runs until October 3rd. More information is available here.


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