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As part of the Long Night of the Sciences, our exhibition ENERGY IN MOTION will be reopened at the Technische Universität Berlin on Saturday, June 15. It was originally developed for TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, which showed the exhibition from 2014 to 2017 in the Tour TOTAL Berlin. After being updated and supplemented by TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, TU Berlin, MINT-EC – Das nationale Excellence-Schulnetzwerk and the WindNODE research project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, it can now be visited in the main building of the TU.

The interactive exhibition focuses on energy: What forms of energy are there? How do we generate and use them? What will the energy supply of the future look like? A combination of interactive hands-on exhibits, original objects, audio and video stations appeals to all senses and encourages discussion of this important topic.

Young people in particular should be inspired by the diverse topic of energy and sensitized to the challenges associated with it. The exhibition has therefore been conceived as a learning location for school classes from grade 9 onwards, but can also be visited by interested citizens.

The exhibition ENERGY IN MOTION can be seen in the main building of the TU Berlin until 15 August 2019 at the following times:

Mo-Wed: 9-12 h and 13-16 h; for groups 9-16 h (after registration)
Thu: 16-19 h Energy evening (visit possible without registration)

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