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Shopping online from the couch, uploading a snapshot to social media or controlling the lawnmower and heating via an app: We use the Internet every day and own devices that are digitally networked and can be easily controlled via the Internet. But how do you explain the functions and risks associated with total networking? The current special exhibition “Smarte Neue Welt” at phaeno Wolfsburg focuses on various aspects of digitization and how they influence our lives. We designed the exhibition’s style guide and created two interactive exhibits.

We designed an artistic marble run to stage the theme complex “Internet of Things”. Aesthetically and minimalistic in design, precise in mechanics. On the way down, the balls run through a varied course: from a ski jump to looping to a Newtonian pendulum, everything is included. And the highlight: the marble run can be controlled digitally. Via a fully responsive interface, visitors can set nine points within the track and thus determine which path the balls should take. This works on the one hand via a touch screen, but on the other hand also via a web app with which visitors can “hack” into the track from the outside in real time. The result is an entertaining competition that can also sensitize people to the topic of Internet safety.
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In addition to the marble run, Archimedes has also realized an interactive station that stages the so-called “filter bubble”. As if one were surfing the Internet searching for goods, the visitor sees on a screen images of various products from food to clothing to tools. Using eye-tracking software, the application “recognises” which goods the visitor is supposedly most interested in. Gradually, the range of products decreases until only one product appears on the screen. In this way, the exhibit impressively illustrates that when we surf the Internet, we leave data that can be evaluated, for example to display personalised advertising.

The conceptual specification for the two exhibits comes from phaeno, Archimedes is responsible for interaction development, design, structural implementation and programming.

The “Smarte neue Welt” exhibition will be on show at the phaeno in Wolfsburg from 22 March 2019 during the following opening hours:

Tue-Fri 9-17 h; Sat and Sun 10-18 h.

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