Life in the Universe now open at NEMO Amsterdam

New exibition “Life in the Universe” at the NEMO Science Museum

After “Energetica” , we now have designed and implemented the concept for the new exhibition“Life in the Universe” at the NEMO Science Museum. The exhibition invites the visitors to a journey through the universe to the origin of our existence and creates awe for the big questions of life.

The central motif of our new design is the lighting concept. Individually lit spots within the dark exhibition space create in a way cosy situations for the visitors. Our team worked closely with the museum and consistently played with opposites to create the exhibition space and exhibits. Contrasting light and dark elements create the right ambient for a trip to space and provide a setting for the visitors to delve straight into the topic; the implementation of the colour orange further evokes associations of science fiction and also reminds of the sunlight. The wide and open spaces Renzo Piano envisioned were perfectly integrated into the concept. There are no partition walls or other means dividing the space. The furniture becomes a functional part of the exhibition: The visitors sit on it and use it to listen. Due to their positioning on luminous bases, the exhibits seem to be floating in the air.

Facts & Figures:
Permanent Exhibition, open since: 31 October 2017
520 m², three thematic areas, 24 interactive exhibits

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