Reopening of the "new" Deutsches Museum Munich

A project of superlatives

Deutsches Museum München
Deutsches Museum München

Today is the reopening of the famous Deutsches Museum Munich. 19 permanent exhibitions on 20,000 square meters in the first part of the refurbished building have now been completed after being updated and redesigned. 

In this gigantic project, Archimedes Exhibitions was responsible for the entire media planning. For this purpose, we created 15 tenders and coordinated over 550 media productions – from audio to video, animations and interviews, small stations or highly complex installations as well as all additional content with German sign language.

For us, the project started in 2017 with a preliminary study in order to be able to – after thorough evaluation – create all relevant tender documents. The aim was to make the entire house “fit” for the future. Together with more than 60 curators of the museum, Archimedes planned the entire technology in a detailed needs assessment and revised all of the content so that every single multimedia station and exhibit in the museum is visitor-friendly, barrier-free, easy to maintain, sustainable and durable. A task whose success is now set to last for many years.

But what exactly does media planning mean in this context?

Every digital content was planned by Archimedes. Literally: everything. Every screen, every sound, every video. This includes standard monitors, LED walls, stations with headphones or projections, but also wireframes and screen design. For this purpose, we developed standards and defined them in close cooperation with the curators. The content, which previously was recorded locally, is now categorized and organised on a central platform, the CMS (Content Management System) and can easily be updated or changed if necessary.

The size of the project and the long duration were unusual even for Archimedes. An important and fascinating project that, given the complexity and scope of the exhibition content, makes perfect sense in order to create standards that are essential for museums operating on this scale. In the newly opened section of the museum, these standards are now implemented in such a way that employees can operate fast and visitors easily find their way through all stations of the exhibition. A uniform and modern look offers quick identification and mediation options for everyone.

The newly designed exhibitions include sections on atomic physics, electronics, modern aviation, music, space travel, robotics, a kids zone and many others. In addition, all tactile orientation stations and the digital signage of the house were revised. The project is part of the future initiative of the museum.

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