Reopening of the Città della Scienza in Neapel

New exhibition “Corporea” or one of the largest scientific museums in Italy

After the devastating fire in March 2013, during which nearly the whole site was destroyed, the Città della Scienza in Naples has opened its doors again this weekend. From the black-burnt ruins of this industrial complex a highly modern, very aesthetic science center raised directly by the Mediterranean sea, corporal in the scenography and all in white. The foundation for this reconstruction was laid by donations from dedicated citizens, scientists, the EU and the country.

We designed and produced the 14 theme isles of the new exhibition “Corporea” for one of the largest scientific museums in Italy on 5,000 sqm and 3 levels. “Corporea” is a journey into the body, conceptual guide is the theme of prevention. It is all about individual organs, cells and their fascinating interplay, but also about a history of medicine, the topic of vaccination and the importance of sex education for young people today. “Corporea” is intended to contribute to the cultural and social life of Naples and Campania.

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