Let's meet: The Shaki

Archimedes developes exhibit-to-go

Push – shake – love: this is the principle behind our first pocket-sized exhibit we developed at Archimedes Exhibitions. Our small “Shaki” – a battery-powered board with acceleration sensor and 8 LEDs – impressively demonstrates how the “Persistence of Vision” phenomenon works. This is what we call the illusion of seeing the image of an object for a fraction of a second after it has already disappeared – simply because the nerves cannot transport fast enough the stimulus into the brain. And this is exactly what our Shaki does: if you press the button and shake it, shiny images appear in the air. Motifs, names or messages that have actually already disappeared from the scene. A special clue: You can program the shaki individually and thus decide which symbols, icons or letters appear. In this way, the small exhibit also can teach basics of programming. A great give-away for visitor groups in science centers or a learning medium for school classes. For others to also benefit from our work, we have made the hardware available as open source. If you have the necessary tools, you can create and program your own “Shaki”: https://github.com/amdxyz/shaki Further information and a film about the “Shaki” can be found here.

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