Connect Four

Man vs. machine


Interactive four-i-a-row game for Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Most of the time Artificial Intelligence appears in contexts that are to abstract to visualise them. For the exhibition Man, Robot! we created an exhibit that teaches visitors AI in a playful way.

Who is the better player: man or machine? Let’s find out in a game of 4-in-a-row: human challenger against machine opponent. Each take turns throwing discs into one of seven columns. The discs are detected and placed on a virtual playing field. The trick: the playing strength of the machine can be adjusted in three difficulty levels. Where players can win single handedly on the easiest level, even a single error can be fatal on the hardest. The combination of analog input and digital display creates an intimate interaction between human and artificial intelligence that goes beyond mere educational purposes and gives an insight into actual developments in this field.