The museum on the human body

Exhibition | Science Centre

The permanent exhibition in the Science Centre Città della Scienza in Naples

Archimedes designed and produced the exhibition Corporea for one of Italy’s largest science museums: Exactly four years after a devastating fire in 2013 destroyed nearly the entire building complex, the Città della Scienza in Naples reopened its doors in 2017 with the exhibition Corporea. About 100 exhibits, exhibitions, installations, and interactive stations on over 5,000 square meters and three levels take visitors on one of the most fascinating journeys – an expedition inside the human body. The exhibition focuses on health and prevention, organs and cells, and their fascinating interplay, but also on the history of medicine, the subject of vaccination, and the importance of sex education for young people today. Corporea is intended to make an important contribution to the cultural and social life of Naples and Campania.

Through virtual reality technology, games, workshops, and experiments, visitors interactively learn about the complex mechanisms that regulate our lives. The exhibition is a comprehensive experience for visitors of all ages, presenting the body as a holistic and complex system.

Quiet zones serve as multifunctional spaces for dialogue, play, and reflection. Moreover, experts and researchers present scientific experiments on health and the body in open laboratories. Corporea is also a journey through time. The 14 islands with interactive exhibits are complemented by historical finds from the National Archaeological Museum. In addition, there are objects for digital production, such as 3D printers, implants, incubators, and other digital medical products.

Client: Project Sponsors Protom Group | Città della Scienza, Naples  |  Exhibition Area: 5,000 m², three levels, 14 thematic islands, ca 100 exhibits  |  Languages: Italian | English | Chinese

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