School class visiting Archimedes

On this year’s World Children’s Day on 20. September, we had some small visitors at Archimedes: the pupils of class 4c of the Carl Humann Primary School in Prenzlauer Berg came by to learn a little programming with us. Thus, we presented our “Shaki” exhibit to the 25 kids, which can be programmed individually . After an introduction to the story behind the “Shaki” – how is the human eye structured and how does it work? – followed a few basic IT explanations: What does an interface look like that can be used to program exhibits? ILast but not least, the children were able to program their own “Shakis” for themselves, their best friend or their grandma. So, shake it to World Children’s Day!

If you and your class are interested in taking a lesson at Archimedes as well, write to us at:

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