Lectureship at the Città della Scienza

Gunnar Behrens teaches exhibition design in Neaples

Our managing director, Gunnar Behrens, is currently teaching “Exhibition Design” at the Città della Scienza and the D.RE.A.M. FabLab in Naples. His students had to develop an interactive prototype that could be exhibited in the museum within only 2.5 days. The theme: The sea. The goal: to integrate the subject of sustainability.
Although there has been a lot of work done in Naples since the big garbage crises in 2007 and 2008, city and nature still suffer tremendously. Especially the younger generation worries about its future. Even if the former anti-corruption prosecutor and mayor De Magistris has dissolved the entanglements between local politicians and mafia entrepreneurs (the rubbish business was in the hands of the Camorra for a long time), the city and beaches are still heavily polluted. With “Scetate tu conti!” the students have brought this problem into the museum context. All materials are recycled, the rubbish was collected together. And the interviews, which visitors hear from a sound installation when approaching the exhibit, were conducted with several generations of Neapolitans to represent their desires, worries and ideas – and to hear the voice of the city in a symbolic way.

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