Life in the Universe

Light and Darkness

Exhibition | Science Centre

The exhibition about the universe in the legendary “NEMO”-building in Amsterdam

After the outdoor exhibition “Energetica” for NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, Archimedes also has designed and implemented a new design concept for the exhibition “Life in the Universe”. The exhibition in the legendary building designed by Renzo Piano is a trip to universe that leads to the origins of our existence and arouses curiosity for the great questions of life.

For the design of the exhibits as well as for the space, we worked consistently with contrasts – always in close collaboration with the museum. Iconographic antagonisms and light-dark contrasts create an atmosphere that immerses the visitor into the theme and the scenography.

He enters a new world dedicated to the cosmos and the universe: in every detail, the distance and the unknown are reflected. In addition, the width and openness of the space, as conceived by architect Renzo Piano, was taken into account. The room has no partitions or boundaries, the furniture becomes part of the exhibition when the visitor takes a rest on it. The individual exhibits are lifted onto illuminated plinths so that visitors get the impression of floating objects in the room.

Huge projections on the walls show the gigantic dimensions of the universe. The exhibition constantly addresses the big picture. Within that context, it tries to give orientation and arouse curiosity for the origins of life.

Client: NEMO Science Museum Exhibition Space: 520 m² Opening: October 2017 Languages: Dutch | English

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Projekt Highlight

Design Concept

The lighting design

The central motif of the design concept was the lighting design. Individual light points create a kind of “safe” exhibition situation in an otherwise dark room. The targeted use of light and shadow creates the right environment for a trip into space and allows visitors to immerse in the material. The design not only plays with the alternation of light and darkness, but also works with coloured highlights. Specifically, black and orange are used here, two colours that indirectly pick up on the theme of the depicted by awakening science fiction associations and thematising the futuristic motto of the exhibition. The black building with its dark floors, walls and ceilings is broken through by orange highlights, the colour orange reminiscent of sunlight. At the same time, the individual exhibits are built in such a way that they look like “black boxes”, which only offer the viewer an insight inside. But these black boxes are not unapproachable or untouchable; on the contrary, they are interactively staged – the black space becomes a place of experience.