OLP Cube

Multidimensional traffic simulation


A multidimensional  traffic simulation for the world’s largest tech-fair in Las Vegas

On behalf of GRAFT Brandlab, Archimedes developed a multidimensional traffic simulation for the world’s largest technology fair in Las Vegas, CES. The interactive web simulation “OLP Cube” gives visitors the chance to playfully explore the power and potential of the HERE Open Location Platform. Visitors see traffic scenarios in which large, fragmented data is processed in real time into navigation maps adjusted to the needs of its users. This way, motorists receive traffic jam warnings and corresponding alternative paths, cyclists can find the fastest way to the nearest tire inflation station and much more. With the Open Location Platform, the mapping company HERE which belongs to Audi, BMW and Mercedes, brings forward its vision for multidimensional traffic systems: customized maps intelligently processing big data. Archimedes Exhibitions created the software and implemented the design for the OLP Cube, which makes this vision tangible.