Animations and graphic design for the Federal Ministry of Health

On July 1, Germany assumed the Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). In view of the corona pandemic, cooperation in the health sector between the member states is a central topic of the German Presidency. 

For the high-level conference “Digital Health 2020 – EU on the Move” on November 11 2020, we developed and implemented the design of the program and all trailers and clips on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health – including the animated adaptation of the official logo of the German EU Council Presidency showing a Möbius strip in the center. The animation picks up the Möbius strip and translates the three-dimensional body into a band of light that seems to float in digital space and evokes associations with data streams when viewed. 

The digital conference – one of the highlights of the German EU Council Presidency – brought together representatives and decision-makers from many different fields such as politics, science, and business as well as from civil society and patient representatives. The plans for a common European space for health data as well as current and future applications of big data and artificial intelligence in the health sector was discussed. The aim was to identify, analyse and discuss both the potential and the added value of such digital applications in healthcare as well as possible obstacles and risks.

The conference was broadcast via livestream. Excerpts and highlights of the conference are to be published soon.

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Also on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, we have already produced an animated film in July for an informal meeting of the ministers of health of the European Union and the countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), representatives of the EU Commission and other international organisations. It prepared the participants for the following discussions and underlined the importance of Europe-wide cooperation in order to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic and to be able to react to possible future health crises.

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