Archimedes honoured by the China Association for Science and Technology

Our exhibit “Hydrogen Rocket” was honoured by the renowned China Association for Science and Technology

CAST – the renowned China Association for Science and Technology – honoured Archimedes with the first prize at the “2018 China International Exhibition of Popular Science Works” for the exhibit “Hydrogen Rocket”. Archimedes created this highlight exhibit to demonstrate Newton’s 3rd Law: Action equals reaction.

But why? The rocket illustrates a complicated and sophisticated physical phenomenon in an interactive and playful way. And it shows the role that design and technology can play to pave the way for an engagement in science.

If we want to prepare young people for the future we need to awake their interest in science. Therefore we need to tell stories and create enthusiasm. This is what we tried to accomplish with the Hydrogen Rocket, whose development took us almost 5 years. Children are fascinated by the mechanics of the exhibit because they can start a rocket with the power of their own hands: by turning a wheel they produce electricity which fuels an electrolysis cell to extract hydrogen out of purified water. The hydrogen then lifts the rocket off the ground as it recombines in an explosion with oxygen from the air. The exhibit gives answers to questions. Families can get into dialogue. And this is exactly why the CAST awarded the first prize to us.

You can experience our Hydrogen Rocket in the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing:(CSTM) – more info here.

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