G. Mikael Gräslund teaches at UDK and HTW

Lectureship at UDK and GTW in Berlin

Our Director of Exhibition Design G. Mikael Gräslund is again pursuing his teaching activities during this winter semester. He supervises courses at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and theUniversity of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics Berlin (HTW). The seminar at the UdK dedicates itself to the presentation methods of spatial drawings. It specially focuses on the digital editing of free hand sketches, but also conveys the cultural and historical transformations of order principles in space and its depiction.

At HTW, G. Mikael Gräslund teaches the basics of communication design. In the course of the seminar, the students will be qualified to work on their own projects independently, thus providing the fundament for their future work.

In both lectures, the students will apply the gained theoretical knowledge in their own projects. At the end of the semester, the resulting works will be shown at public shows of the respective universities.

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